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Our Squeaky Clean Car Cleaning Tips

Our Squeaky Clean Car Cleaning Tips

Our Squeaky Clean Car Cleaning Tips

Our car cleaning tips to stay shiny through Winter

So you have just passed your driving test and are ready to be let loose on the roads – it’s time to get down to the local dealer and get your first car! These new wheels will become your pride and joy, but keeping a car in top condition is no easy ride. Whilst we don’t usually clean cars, it doesn’t mean we don’t know a thing or two about it – check out our top vehicle cleaning tips!

Don’t skip the preparation

When getting ready to take a sponge to your car’s exterior, ensure you start with a quick rinse. During its travels, your car will pick up a range of grime including small stones and dirt. If you start with the sponge, you run the risk of scraping this debris across the paintwork causing unsightly scratches and scuffs on your new ride. A high pressure rinse at the start of your clean will ensure the debris is out of sight and those unwanted dangers are averted.

Get the HD driving view

Your windscreen takes a real battering from the wind and rain on your daily commute. Over time the glass on your car can get pretty hazy from watermarks and splattered bugs. Some store bought glass cleaners can contain Ammonia which actually damages your car’s glass, especially if it’s tinted! A weak vinegar and water solution is a powerful and natural way to get a squeaky clean finish for your windows. Simply spray on, leave to set for 2 minutes and wipe away with a damp cloth. Extra Tip – Make sure to give those wipers a good clean too. Grimey wipers can undo all your hard work the moment you turn them on!

Time to get rolling

Pet hairs can be a real nightmare when it comes to keeping your car clean. Once they are stuck to the interior fabrics getting them off with the vacuum can be a real challenge. A lint roller will be a valuable addition to your car cleaning arsenal – giving you the lifeline you need! After vacuuming, recover the area with a lint roller, it’s sticky makeup will latch onto those persistent pet hairs.

Work Top to Bottom

Often when you get to cleaning the inside of the car, the first instinct may be to crack out the vacuum and start working onn the carpets. A rookie error! Cleaning the carpets first will only result in rework as you move onto the seats and the dashboard. The saying ‘wait until the dust settles’ has never been more true – save yourself some time and leave the carpets until last!

Protect for the future

Having got your back up to its squeaky clean best, we need to protect it from the tough conditions. Investing in some good wax products will help to preserve and protect the finish of your vehicle, both inside and out. Not only will waxing offer valuable protection, the glossy finish will ensure your car really stands out from the crowd.

Getting your driver’s licence is an exciting time, giving you the freedom to explore the roads. Having invested in your first car, it’s important to keep it in great condition. Our top vehicle cleaning tips can help ensure your car remains in squeaky clean condition all year round.

This post is a guest contribution by our friends at Gleem.