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How to Parallel Park

How to Parallel Park

How to Parallel Park

One of the most common issues our students ask for help with is how to parallel park. It seems to be a common struggle; how do you get a car into a spot between two others, without touching the other cars?

With the way parallel parking is portrayed in movies and TV shows, it certainly makes it seem like it’s a task requiring advanced maneuver training. However, this is not actually the case. Although completing a parallel park may seem complicated, it is simply a series of steps that just need to be followed in order. The problem is the breakdown in this process when drivers ignore the steps and simply try to park on feeling alone.

We have found this video that explains in a straight-forward manner the steps that are completed in order to ensure a successful parallel park.


Video Transcript

When you need to park two cars that are situated parallel to the edge of the road, this is called parallel parking. In order to drive into the spot, the length must be at least one and a half times your car’s body length.

Let’s consider parallel parking situated on the right side of the road.
The first step: most cars have a small window on the back door, and it usually has a triangular shape. So, car is in its starting position. The driver looks through the triangular window of the backdoor, and drives backwards in a straight line. When the back end of the car on its right appears in the window, he turns the wheel to the right. The car starts to back into the space.
Second step: the driver looks into the left side mirror, when the right hand corner of the car parked behind you appears in it, the driver puts the steering wheel into the straight-forward position. The car moves in a straight line.
The third step: The driver looks at the right side mirror. When it covers the taillight of the car in front, the driver turns the steering wheel to the left. Now our car is inside the parking space, and only need to put it parallel to the curb. For this purpose, it is convenient to use the side mirror. Once you are parallel to the curb, immediately place the steering wheel in a straight, forward position. If necessary, you can now move forward or backward, putting your car in the middle of the parking space.
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