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Hit a Mailbox? 5 Ways to Repay the Homeowners

Hit a Mailbox? 5 Ways to Repay the Homeowners

Hit a Mailbox 5 Ways to Repay the Homeowners

With the winter weather upon us, the chances of accidentally hitting someone’s mailbox aren’t highly unlikely. The damage that is caused by your vehicle to another homeowner’s mailbox is considered damaged property and can be reported to the local authorities for further investigation. Before the property owner files a police report, there are many things that you can do to try and make amends.

Go to the Door with Supplies in Hand

Visiting the homeowner directly with the supplies needed to rebuild their mailbox is a great way to show sincerity. Try to find a design that is similar to the one that they previously had if possible. Checking out the inventory on is a great place to start. Be sure to have a shovel with you to dig the post hole, as well as a small amount of concrete for setting purposes.

Phone them to Apologize and Negotiate

If you have access to the homeowner’s telephone number, give them a ring and kindly apologize for what has occurred. Even if they do not meet you with complete friendship, remember that they have a right to be upset due to what has happened. Make an effort at agreeing to a reasonable amount regarding how much you should compensate them for their losses. To get an idea of how much mailboxes typically go for on the market, visit

Offer up Additional Services

If you happen to specialize in any other area of expertise, try offering them your services to make up for the cost of damages. For instance, if you have a knack for IT work, offer to fix any of their digital devices that need work. By providing them your time and skills in another area, you should be able to reach an equivalent level of repayment as a result.

Repair Any Surrounding Damage

Hitting a mailbox can, unfortunately, cause much more damage than just the destruction of the mailbox itself. If you have accidentally harmed any landscaping, structures, or other property forms, try to help repair them to the best of your ability. If you find that the work is too extensive, contact the necessary professionals in the area to take over.

Present Well Researched Documentation

Take an assessment of the damage that has accumulated due to your accident, and research the proper professionals to tackle the repairs. Print out a list of local contractors with their quotes so that you can present the document to the homeowner. Coming to their front door with a list of reputable professionals and their price ranges will show them that you are serious about paying them back. It will also illustrate that you have already dedicated some time and effort to compensate them for their losses.

Nobody is thrilled to find that their property has been damaged, but knowing that the person responsible has the intention of repaying them is undoubtedly a relief. Showing that you are a compassionate and responsible person will help the property owners feel like their losses won’t go unnoticed. Taking these steps will show that you are serious about providing them with compensation while being neighborly and empathetic in the process.

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