Senior Driver Training

Senior Driver Training


Being able to drive gives us mobility and independence. With age people have physical transformations such as changes in vision, reflexes and physical fitness which can affect their driving and may cause safety concerns. Understanding these changes can help you as a senior Albertan adjust your driving habits so you continue to operate a car and be safe on the road.

This course is designed to help our mature / senior students in developing a proper attitude of safe vehicle operation by understanding the physical effects of aging, environmental limitations, causes of traffic collisions, traffic regulations and the driver’s responsibilities.

In this course you will learn safety tips created specifically for mature drivers. You will learn to assess your habits, physical abilities, and understand the effect of emotions on your driving. During these lessons we teach proactive and defensive techniques so you can be more confident on the road, stay mobile and independent.

Student Testimonials

Pedro Boiteux
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John also helped my mother in passing her driving test in the past and that is how I came to know about him. I would highly suggest him to anyone, both beginners who don't know where to start and old timers wishing to brush up their driving skills.
Olga Ilchuk
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If you are like me, desperate and lost hope to ever get your driving license, find Drashko. He won't only teach you how to drive safely, he will treat you like his family, take care of you from beginning to end, and feel like one proud father once you pass the road test. I know that cause I passed mine :)

Frequently Asked Questions

Class 3, 5, 6 and 7 driver’s licences require medical examinations at: age 75, age 80, every 2 years after age 80. Class 1, 2 and 4 commercial driver’s licenses require medical exams: every 5 years until age 45, every 2 years after age 45 until age 65, annually after age 65. Source.

The Alberta government has extended the timeline to 90 days for most drivers requiring a medical evaluation. This is designed to reduce the current strain on the healthcare system. Learn more at

In order to ensure that you can safely operate a vehicle a medical exam will test on your vision, hearing, cognitive abilities and overall health. This is the form your doctor, nurse or medical practitioner should complete “Medical Examination for Motor Vehicle Operators”.

Your doctor cannot take away your driver’s licence. Only Alberta Transportation, as the Registrar of Motor Vehicle Services, has the authority to cancel or suspend a driver’s licence. Source.

A conditional licence restricts driving to certain times of the day, locations and distance from your home. Other conditions may apply such as the need for annual road or vision tests to renew your licence. Source.

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If you still have questions about our senior training program, feel free to reach out to us by (403) 288-8682 or send us a message. We’ll be happy to help!