Insurance Reduction Courses

Insurance Reduction Courses


Looking for a way to decrease your insurance rate? You can get an insurance discount by taking an Insurance Reduction course with A Proactive Driving School – a driving school Calgary talks about.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a Notice of Driver Education Course Completion (a.k.a. Certificate of Completion). At our school, we offer two variations of the course to satisfy different needs of our students.

Novice and Advanced Insurance Reduction courses consist of two necessary portions: Theory and Practice. In order to obtain the Certificate of Completion, a student has to successfully complete both parts of the course.

You have one year since the Registration date to complete the course.

You may find more information in our FAQ section.

Novice Insurance Reduction Course

Class 7 GDL or 5 GDL Licence is Required

10 Hours

Reg $829
winter discount
New $750

16 Hours

Reg $1190
winter discount
New $1100

20 Hours

Reg $1430
winter discount
New $1330

Advanced Insurance Reduction Course

Class 5 non-GDL Licence is Required

6 Hours