Car Accident Anxiety Training

Car Accident Anxiety Training


According to the Alberta traffic collision statistics in 2018 there were over 142,000 car accidents in Alberta. We think about the number of injured in a car accident, but forget those that experience post-collision anxiety. Even if a person has not suffered in an accident physically, the risk of car accident related anxiety disorder is high.

The Post Collision Coaching is a personalised course, designed around student needs. Some people might have anxiety or emotional distress after even a minor collision. The lessons are carefully planned for each student supporting a positive attitude, developing safer driving skills, understanding other drivers’ intentions, and working on gaining a confidence level.

The initial assessment will be done prior to the training, it will help to tailor the course. Each lesson will be adjusted according to a student progress and demonstrated skills during previous lessons. After the training, the student will receive a written report outlining improvements of the student’s driving and development.

Student Testimonials

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After my car accident I started experiencing fear to drive, anxiety and panic attacks, especially on unfamiliar roads. I was trying different methods to get rid of my anxiety but nothing unfortunately had helped. Eventually the most effective one in my case was taking post-collision driving lessons with an amazing instructor Drashko. And this worked like a therapy for me since I was essentially asking myself to face one of my greatest fears, which was..driving. By having my driving instructor walked me through driving procedures, and especially through the place of accident, I gained a clearer sense of control and the environment around me whenever I drive. Plus, with a tremendous help of my instructor, I feel like I have improved, which definitely boosted my confidence and skills. Regardless of anyone's mental condition I would encourage extra post collision coaching sessions with highly experienced instructors at A Proactive Driving School. This is a perfect self-healing method that helps to bring you back to normal.
Chantel Hertzsprung
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I had John Odlum referred to me from a family friend who needed lessons after a traumatic car accident. John is calm and gives clear instructions. I have never felt stressed or worried about driving when with him. After having lessons with John I find driving relaxing and fun! He even takes me to each area of the city sometimes showing me popular or historical places. It's rare that we drive in the same area twice which is awesome. I recommend John to everyone I know.
Chante and Michael Pashulka
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I went to the driving course and had John as my instructor. I can say that without a doubt he is the best teacher. I passed my driving test the first time and have kept a lot of his tips in mind. A few weeks ago my brakes failed and I would have gotten in an accident had it not been for his advice that he gave me to put my car in neutral. His advice actually saved me from a car accident. I've always been nervous to drive but after taking lessons I am confident driving on my own in all conditions and know what to do and when to do it. Thank you John!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is very normal to have post-collision anxiety when every driving experience becomes stressful. Unfortunately, such drivers don’t recognize that they can get help and improve their driving experience even after a significant car accident.

PTSD as a result of a car accident can last weeks or even months, especially if nothing is done about it. Moreover, according to the Canadian Mental Health Association, PTSD can lead to problems with alcohol and / or drugs, which will only prolong the time dealing with PTSD.

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If you still have questions about our post-collision anxiety coaching, feel free to reach out to us by (403) 288-8682 or send us a message. We’ll be happy to help!