Our Courses

Our Courses

Looking for a way to decrease your insurance rate? You can get an insurance discount by taking an Insurance Reduction course with A Proactive Driving School. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a Notice of Driver Education Course Completion.

Brush-up lessons are designed for experienced drivers who want to refresh their driving skills and knowledge. It is for those drivers who require additional professional training prior to license examination in Calgary and the area. Each driving lesson is 2 hours in length.

Our driving school programs provide the hands-on training your employees need to reduce your company’s liability and ensure their safety while driving. Customized Corporate Courses offered to reflect the diverse needs of your company in Calgary, AB.

The Post Collision Coaching is a personalized course, designed around student’s needs. These driving school lessons are carefully planned for each student supporting a positive attitude, developing safer driving skills, understanding other drivers’ intentions, and …

A Proactive Driving School offers the Defensive Driving course that consists of 6.5 hours of classroom sessions. The Certificate allows the removal of 3 demerit points from driver’s license upon successful completion of the course. Book your course at one of our locations in Calgary.

During these lessons we teach proactive and defensive driving techniques, paying attention to physical effects of aging, limitations, traffic regulations, and the driver’s responsibilities. A Proactive Driving School helps you adjust your driving habits so that you can continue to…