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About us


A Proactive Driving School is a Calgary-based licensed driver training school that opened its doors on July 8, 2006. It was founded by Dragoslav (Drashko) Vujanovic.

We are extremely proud to have a great team on board! Our school is particularly known for its individualistic approach to every student, cost-effective courses designed for people of different ages, backgrounds and experiences. We ensure that our students are satisfied and on track to becoming proactive/defensive drivers.

Our driving instructors are calm, reassuring and endlessly patient. They dedicate their time and effort to make sure that they teach their knowledge in the best possible way and that our students gain the right skills to become competent drivers for life who keep our communities safe.

Meet our instructors


Dragoslav (Drashko) Vujanovic

Founder and licensed driving instructor
Drashko has over 16 years’ experience of driving instruction.
He has also been working as a fleet safety specialist, a team leader, and a traffic safety specialist.
He is among the most qualified driving instructors in Canada. He started his career in 1998 with AMA and worked with them for 9 years. He has taught numerous driving and theoretical courses ever since. Today, Drashko splits his time working with students, as well as corporate clients with their safety training programs.





Senior Professional driving instructor Classroom teacher
John is a seasoned, experienced, and licensed in-car driving instructor and classroom teacher. John brings 16 years (42,000+ hours) experience as an instructor; he is consistently in high demand in all parts of Calgary & outside of Calgary as well.
John is frequently described as being very patient and calm, bringing out the best in people.
Prior to becoming an instructor with AMA in 2002 and later APDS in 2012, John worked in financial accounting and various professional/management roles in human resources over 30 years at one of the largest energy companies in Canada retiring in 1999.




Licensed driving instructor



Licensed driving instructor
 George has been driving for 33 years.  His passion is teaching, educating and instructing. He has been working with A Proactive Driving school since 2019.