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6 of the Most Dangerous Places to Drive in North America

6 of the Most Dangerous Places to Drive in North America


Based on a survey conducted by the Auto Insurance Center, the worst places to drive in North America are in the rural areas. These places are often crisscrossed by highways that have high-speed limits.

The survey of AIC covered 20 years which cited 710,000 fatal vehicle accidents. Although motor vehicle fatalities are greater in urban areas, they are fewer compared to the general population. If you find yourself driving through these at any point in the future, you might want to brush up on your driving skills, or skip these routes altogether. That said, here are some of the most dangerous places in North America for drivers.

Highway 63, Alberta

This Canadian highway, since 2006, has been the cause of 50 deaths, and about 1,000 crashes from the timespan of 2001 and 2005. It’s important to note that many of the collisions on this highway, about 40% to be exact, involved animals. It has been closed before due to the poor driving conditions, and there was been talks on how to improve safety here.

Coquihalla Highway

This is an extreme freeway located in British Columbia. It’s around 200 kilometers long, and one of the worst roads during the North American winter. It’s steep on both ends to the point that most truckers avoid driving on it because of the extra gas expenses that causes. Since it’s a mountain pass, it’s not recommended for non-experienced or poor drivers to traverse, and even if you do consider yourself skilled, you and your vehicle need to come well-prepared.


Detroit is known as the motor state being the host of the biggest car and truck manufacturers in North America. Statistics reveal that for every 100,000 residents in this state, fatal motor vehicle accidents are about 16.2. The likelihood that drivers will figure in an accident in this state compared to the national average is 16.6 percent. This state was given a safety score of 28.2. It has one of the highest rates for annual car insurance at $5,409.

Leon County, Texas

This place is known for having some of the fastest drivers in North America. The official speed limit in the state is 70 miles per hour but its drivers tend to just ignore it. However, its citizens have unwittingly discovered a way by which its errant drivers are forced to toe the line. They have strung cables over the Interstate 45’s median strip which is the primary artery between Houston and Dallas. The cables are a nuisance to the cars, but they effectively prevented head-ons. One county justice of the peace said that with these cables, he had not a single car fatality last year.

Interstate 15 From Las Vegas To Los Angeles

Based on the statistics from Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, about 8 million people drive through southern California and southern Nevada back and forth every year. According to the Nevada AAA, this highway stretch of about 80 miles has seen the most car fatalities in all roads in the state. Interstate 15 passes through several urban areas including Los Angeles County. According to DKB, in 2013, the California Highway Patrol reported more than 223,000 injuries and 3,104 fatalities in traffic accidents. Not wearing seatbelts comprised about one-half of the casualties. Drunk driving and distracted driving are among the highest reasons for the deaths, according to truck drivers who regularly drive through the area.

Million Dollar Highway

Highway 550 or the Million Dollar Highway in Colorado is also included among the dangerous highways for drivers in North America. It’s beautiful but this 25-mile stretch has some portions that are 11,000 feet above sea level but have no safety features such as shoulders and guardrails that ensure the security of vehicles and drivers. Swerving will be a fatal mistake on this highway stretch.

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