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5 of the Most Dangerous Things New Drivers Do on the Road

5 of the Most Dangerous Things New Drivers Do on the Road

5 of the Most Dangerous Things New Drivers Do on the Road

New drivers often do not understand the severity of the consequences for careless decisions made while driving. They may also not be well equipped to handle challenges that may occur while driving. Therefore, it is important that new drivers not only approach the task with maturity but also a solid education on the potential consequences of their actions.

1. Texting/using a Mobile Device While Driving

Many young individuals, which make up the majority of new drivers, are heavily invested in their mobile devices. They may think it’s harmless to use their phones while operating a motor vehicle because they feel that they are good at multitasking and they have everything under control. Once they get used to this behaviour, it can become more and more frequent. Texting while driving is not an action with no consequences. Not only can you receive a ticket or fine, but you could also lose your life or end the lives of others. Unfortunately, texting and driving leads to 1.6 million car accidents a year.

2. Driving While Under the Influence of Drugs and Alcohol

Many younger new drivers engage like to party, which means that marijuana, alcohol, and drug involvement are a possibility. This age group may feel that they have everything under control and they don’t have a problem. Unfortunately, many of them will soon learn the implications of their recreational drug and alcohol use. They may also feel that they are sober enough to drive home after a night at bars/clubs or at a party. This is a very dangerous mistake that could lead to them dying or hurting another innocent party in the process. Driving under the influence accounts for 29% of motor vehicle deaths per year in the the United States, and DUIs exist for all three offenses.

3. Not Wearing a Seat Belt

Unfortunately, many young and new drivers underestimate the importance of wearing a seat belt. Young people often feel like they are invincible and nothing bad will ever happen to them. However, choosing not to wear a seat belt while driving can also have many negative implications. Using a seat belt can reduce injury and death rates by up to 50%. This is why it is vital to always wear your seat belt while in a moving car. In the event of an accident, it can mean the difference between life and death.

4. Overcrowding the Vehicle

Young drivers are more likely to push the limits of their vehicle to full capacity. They often want to drive all of their friends somewhere at once or want to give extra people a ride home. This can be dangerous because it is distracting and leaves some people without a seat belt — adding the dangers addressed above.

5. Speeding

Young drivers are also more likely to speed. After all, driving fast is exhilarating.  They are often also in a hurry, so they are more likely to drive faster in order to compensate. Whatever the reason, speeding increases their chances of being in an accident or causing someone else to wreck.

Young drives are more likely to act carelessly and recklessly without thinking of the negative consequences attached to their actions. It is important they are well trained by the parents and guardians before they begin driving. Also, driving classes can sometimes reduce these unsafe behaviours.