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3 Common Types of Car Storage Facilities

3 Common Types of Car Storage Facilities

3 Common Types of Car Storage Facilities

Cars are one of the most valuable assets that a man can have. We live in an age where mobility is important. Many of our jobs would require us to move around the city if not further. This means that you need a safe place to store it in. They cost hundreds of thousands of dollars so it wouldn’t do you good to just store it someplace where it might get either stolen or damaged.

When you’re going away for a long time or you’re not going to use your car for an extended period of time, a parking space just will not do. It would be best for you if you rent out a Car Storage Facility instead.

Many businessmen who travel overseas have storage facilities to store their items in. Along with these items are their cars so they do not get damaged while they are gone. In other cases, some newly built homes don’t come with a developed garage, and you may have to plan on adding an addition to your home. Car Storage Facilities may not be something people are familiar with, so we created this article so you can be more familiar with these facilities.

There are several types of Car storages that exist in the market now. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. This means that each type would depend according to your need. Read on to be fully informed on the type of storage that you will need. Here are the three common types of car storage there is:

1. Outdoor Car Storage

Outdoor Car Storage facilities are paved parking spots inside the premises of a storage facility. These are open parking spots beside the building. This means that they are neither under a roof or have as much security as they would inside. Outdoor Car Storage is also much cheaper given that they are just parking lots inside the storage facility’s premises.
An Outdoor Car Storage Facility is not the best choice for you if you plan to leave your car unattended for a very long period of time. Without a roof, your car will be susceptible to extreme temperatures — they can either overheat from sunlight or be exposed to extreme cold. Rain will also be your enemy.
While cars are safe from rain, it is not recommended that you keep them there for long durations. Cars are still mostly made of metal. This means that rust can form due to the oxidation process. Heat is also not that great. One thing that can happen is that your leather seats may crack. Your car’s paint and tires might also get damaged from the extreme heat.
A high-quality cover can only do so much to keep nature away from your car. Dust and other debris will also be a part of your problem. It can get inside your car’s systems and cause a malfunction.

2. Covered Outdoor Car Storage

A Covered Outdoor Car Storage would be a better alternative if you plan on leaving for more than a few weeks. With a roof on top of your car, it will be saved from extreme temperatures. You can ensure that you can protect your car from the elements just for a small addition in the price.
In terms of price, protection, and security, outdoor covered car storage facilities are the middle ground.

3. Indoor Car Storage Units

If you own a luxury car, a high-end expensive model, it is obvious that you would want only the best for it. Luxury cars might attract a lot of attention. This is why you should keep them in an indoor facility to ensure that no harm will come to it. The best type of storage in a storage facility. The great thing about indoor car storage facilities is that you can also store your extra items from home.
This facility will safely keep your items safe from the elements, from people and any other factor that will damage it. You can even get climate control in your storage facility so both your items and your car would not be exposed to any kind of extreme temperature. You can store your items with your car so it doubles up as a self-storage facility. This means that you will be paying for two facilities for the price of one.