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We want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all our students for such warm reviews and recommendations.

Thank you very much for choosing A Proactive Driving School! Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Our students say:

I took driving school with John Odulm as well as countless hours of practicing on the road. John was patient, fun, calm, and so much more. He’s the PERFECT driving teacher! Even with a broken foot John help me to gain confidence in the car and pass my exam! I would recommend John to anyone who is doing driving lessons!

Raelle H.

John Odlum was my instructor and he was simply fantastic! John’s calm demeanor and extensive experience made him a pleasure to learn from. I would highly recommend John for first time drivers, as well as those looking to build their confidence with driving.

Emma C.

I highly recommend this driving school if you are looking for one. At first I thought the 15 hours of in-class lectures were gonna be super boring, but my teacher, Drashko, really made them fun and all. Also would definitely recommend my driving instructor, John. He remained calm throughout the lessons, yet alert to the possibility of danger. I will never forget the 2 hrs of driving in fog with him. He prepared me for the crappy conditions on the road, and so I was able to drive really safely and complete the lesson no problem. Overall, I had a great experience with A Proactive Driving School, indeed!

Jake K.