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We want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all our students for such warm reviews and recommendations.

Thank you very much for choosing A Proactive Driving School! Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Our students say:

I would like to tell something about this school. It was an amazing experience for me, especially because I’m from an other country. They all care about to teach well, and make sure that all students can be safe while driving. Moreover, I want to thank you John Odlum, indeed thanks to him, I have passed my practice test. Also, I have learned many things about on how to drive LEGALLY and SAFE here in Calgary. He is an amazing instructor who is enthusiast about teaching driving rules. He has a lot of experience. I highly recommend to ask him as an instructor, so you will pass the practice test for sure. Thanks again John

Alessandro S.

I did not have previous driving experience and I took full course of 20 hours lessons with John. It was an amazing experience. I travelled from Okotoks to Calgary and it was worth much more. I will always remember his pieces of advice. Thank you for sharing with me your knowledge and skills in teaching me how to drive and for your patience. Thank you John.

Helen H.

Transcendent service. Really felt confident after 16 hours and passed the test with only 25 points. Thank you!!

Miguel M.