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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, driver training is designed for each individual student and takes into consideration students’ abilities and skill level. We teach students who have never even turned a car on before as well as those who have held a license for many years.

Our program consists of 15 hours of classroom training and either 10, 16, or 20 hours of in-car training. The theoretical part consists of four independent sessions which are not cumulative and may be taken in any order. To complete the course, you need to attend all four classroom sessions within one year from your enrolment date, successfully pass the theoretical test at the end of the last classroom session and successfully finish at least 10 hours of driving with one of our instructors.

Generally, Theory is taught over the weekend time (please check our schedule).

It consists of 15 hours of classroom training and is presented in four sessions; attendance is mandatory. Upon completion of the theoretical course, students will have to pass cumulative Theory test.

In case student’s busy schedule won’t allow him/her to attend all classroom session in a row, we can easily customize the schedule. Please give us a call and we’ll do all the changes for you.

Yes, you can join any session of the course. Just call our office or check our website to find what days classes are running. Please note that our students are writing the final test during the last classroom session. You will not be allowed to write the test unless you have attended all the in-class sessions.

You may start the classroom portion of the course only. You must have your Class 7 Driver’s Licence by the time you are ready to start your driving lessons.

Yes, a Class 7 Driver’s Licence is required before you can begin driving lessons. To receive a Class 7 Driver’s Licence in Alberta, one should pass a multiple choice test that can be taken at any Alberta Registry location. You may find a Registry that is close to you by clicking here.

The answer to this question depends a lot on your experience, skills and you comfort levels when driving.

Once you register for Novice Insurance Reduction course or Advanced Insurance Reduction course, you have 365 days to complete it.

Upon successful completion of Novice/Insurance Reduction Course, you will receive your Certificate of Completion (Insurance Reduction Certificate) via Canada Post within 30 days.

The Insurance Reduction Certificate allows you to be assessed as a driver with three years’ experience rather than a new driver without any experience. Insurance discounts may vary depending on a particular insurance company, your driving record, your age, type of car, etc. For the best quote and specific dollar amount we recommend to contact several insurance companies.

Request for replacement of the Certificate will incur a $20.00 Administration fee. Replacement copies must be picked up by the student or his/her guardian during our office hours.